inome Community Initiatives & Social Responsibility

inome embraces the opportunity and the responsibility to play a critical role in our local and global community through significant financial and volunteer efforts. inome supports programs dedicated to improving Education, Entrepreneurship, Youth Services, and Family & Women Services

On Naveen Jain NonProfit News, we profile the worthy nonprofits that inome supports. We also follow the latest news of these organizations, as well as the latest community events sponsored or supported by inome.

Giving back to the community is the cornerstone of Naveen Jain’s philosophy. “We’ve experienced how being involved makes a difference in many lives,” Naveen Jain says. “Volunteering time, energy and resources is absolutely crucial in helping these organizations achieve their mission. We hope that our passion carries beyond inome into our community and sets the bar for others to follow.”\r\n\r\ninome embraces the fact that each individual has the power to give back and make lasting change in this world. Through inome giving we set out to demonstrate that every person can give in their own way. Whether it is volunteering at the local food bank, making financial contributions, or donating clothes and food to struggling families – we encourage employees, customers and our community to use their power of I. inome values this Power of I as the driving force behind the Power of Giving.\r\n\r\nVolunteering: inome coordinates group volunteer opportunities for employees throughout the year to make a difference in our local communities.\r\n\r\nMatching Campaign: inome matches employee cash contributions, dollar for dollar, to eligible charitable organizations.\r\n\r\nDollars for Doers Program: inome contributes cash to eligible nonprofit organizations for every hour an employee volunteers.\r\n\r\nPower of Giving Campaign: Each November, employees take part in the giving spirit while engaging in friendly competition to collect the most nonperishable goods.\r\n\r\nSummer Movies in the Park: Each Summer, inome hosts the Summer Outdoor Movies in the Park. In lieu of admission, attendees bring cash and item donations for local nonprofits.\r\n\r\nCorporate Giving: inome has been named a Top Corporate Philanthropist in the Puget Sound area for increased support to local nonprofits year after year.\r\n\r\nLearn more about inome Community Initiatives on the inome Philanthropy Site.\r\n

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